The Line Films

The line Films is a set of four films that built a unconstructed cinema in which the viewer moves from one frame to the next. The first three are black and white and silent videos . Projected on suspended screens, which helped in creating frame like structure across which the viewer could move forward. It all started with the idea of being, that led to further study of words like existence and nothingness…after further investigation i came upon two words the variable and constant being. The idea was an experiment on the variability of the human being. One is in constant motion and change..This motion is evidence of life. The first  three frames are called the X, Y and  Z lines, they are to understand this never-ending journey and alongside it the unavoidable load luggage and burden we all carry.

Emphasizing on Luggage within two states the physical and the metaphysical. you might be empty-handed, carrying no bag or purse yet you carry so much. The last film Elevator leads the idea into a different dimension in which the elevator opens to different floors. corridors , spaces.  Where the variable may choose to ascend and descend the elevator facilitates both. This project was my understanding of the eternal self. There was no beginning and there is no end. I say this because of my presence. I know nothing of the beginning nor the end and my presents claims to be eternal. And when we claim to have a fragment of the divine being it becomes even more clear to understand. Whether  i cross the border into another country or i cross over into another world my variability is the evidence of my eternal existence.