Narjis Mirza is a media installation artist who orchestrates a poetic, philosophical, and spiritual exploration of light through sensory installations. Her work encompasses large-scale light and sound installations, seamlessly integrating projection, animation, video, textile, and voice. Through immersive experiences, she invites viewers to actively participate, transforming her artworks into interactive events.
Initially trained as a painter, Narjis graduated with the highest honour of distinction from the National College of Arts in Pakistan before pursuing a Master’s in Media and Design at Bilkent University, Ankara.
Her journey led her to exhibit her work in Iran, Turkey, and Pakistan. In 2017, she was honoured with the Vice Chancellor’s Doctoral Scholarship, culminating in a practice-led PhD at Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. Narjis contributed to the development of interactive participatory media art at the Interactive Media Lab, University of New South Wales.
Her research has produced a body of work, notably the multisensory installation Hayakal al Noor, Bodies of Light, inspired by Islamic philosophy, and her latest work, Rahma: Our Creative Feminine.



~ PhD Art and Design thesis : Image and the Imaginal, Ta’wil of Art Practices of Light 
~Masters of Fine Arts in Media and Design : The Elevator Ride in Fact and Fiction
~Performance Philosophy Journal :  Ta’wil in Practices of Light, 2019


PhD Scholar- Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand                             2017-2021
–        Developed and presented proposals for my installation art exhibitions to various galleries in Australia and New Zealand. Details of commissioned work and other exhibitions are listed in ‘Recent Exhibition’ section below
–        Proposal writing: developed PhD proposals for various universities and secured the Vice Chancellors doctoral scholarship in the faculty of Design and Creative Technologies at AUT, New Zealand.
–        PhD thesis of 60,000 words submitted for examination at AUT.
Teaching Artist – International Children Art festival, China                                                2016
–        Paid work for online art workshops over three sessions–coordination, collaboration, and art workshops
Intern – Digital Experience Collective, Bilgi University, Turkey                        2016
–        Worked on animations and sound design in Adobe CC and projection mapping in Madmapper.
–        Used Blender and Cinema 4D for 3D modelling of concept design.
Teaching Assistant – Deptt. of Communication, Bilkent University, Turkey          2015 – 2016
–        Studio Assistant for design and architecture studios.
–        Contributed to assignment design and project development.  
–        Invigilator
Co-founder/CEO – ArtJamz (Arts Cafe)           2014
–        Collaborated with to start a franchise in Pakistan
–        Managed leasing and the fit-outs for the commercial space
–        Organized the launch event – recruited 8 volunteers
–        Secured sponsorship from Dulux and Pepsi for Public art experience.
–        Successfully operated the venture by managing procurement for supplies, commercial transactions, and the workforce – achieved financial breakeven.
Academic Program Manager – School of Art, Design & Architecture, National University of Science &Technology, Pakistan      2012 – 2013
–        Managed coordination among full-time and adjunct faculty within the program.
–        Accountable for academic calendar, schedules, and international workshops for syllabus and co-curricular developments
–        Performed human resource management duties for all adjunct instructors, including performance reviews, payroll, and scheduling.
–        Academic liaison between the Dean, program faculty and the students.
–        Managed periodic recruitment of 4 Teaching Assistants for design studios.
–        Guest lecturer and juror for foundation year students of design studios.
–        Recipient of Vice Chancellor’s Doctoral Scholarship
–        Held 6 exhibitions at Australian and New Zealand galleries
–        Published an article in the Performance Philosophy Journal 2019 and presented my research at 11th Internal Image conference held at the University of New South Wales, Sydney 2020.
–        Permanent Member of the Substantial Motion Research Network founded by Media Theorist Laura U. Marks.
–        Recipient of Merit scholarship at Bilkent University
–        Teaching Assistant to Graduate Studio of Art and Design
–        Awarded pass with distinction (highest merit)
–   Graphics designing, videography, video editing, animation, and audio editing, proficient in Adobe Creative Cloud, in particular Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Adobe Audition
–    Word procession (MS-Word), spreadsheet management (MS-Excel)
–     Internet technologies for communication and collaboration
–     Projection mapping and installation art spatial design.
Kuch Khass Artist Talk in Islamabad Pakistan
MFA Thesis Exhibition at Cermodern, Ankara
MFA Thesis Exhibition at FADA Exhibition Hall Bilkent University
Bilkent Typography exhibition, Ankara
Bilkent Animation exhibition, Ankara
Bilkent Graduate Studio II Exhibition, Ankara
Screening and official selection of film in 5th ART BY CHANCE Ultra Short Film Festival Istanbul
Bilkent Graduate Studio I Exhibition, Ankara
“FRESH” Group show under 30 at Amin Gulgee Gallery Karachi
“Pastiche” Group show at National Art Gallery Islamabad
“Pastiche” Group show at Zahoor ul Akhlaq Gallery Lahore
Radio Show interview as young emerging artist on FM 107 Karachi
“Open Day Call” Exhibition at port grand in Karachi
Degree Show at National College of Arts
Group show at Fakhruddin Hall , Gurgan Iran.
Group show at Tehzeeb Gallery F7 Islamabad.
Group show of photography titled “ Takhleeq ” at Pakistan National Council of Arts

PhD Arts and Design, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand               2017 – 2021
Master of Fine Arts in Media and Design, Bilkent University, Turkey                     2014 – 2016
Bachelor of Fine Arts, National College of Arts, Pakistan                                       2008 – 2012