Hayakal al Noor | Bodies of Light (Sydney)

At the Leo Kelly Blacktown Arts Centre
24 April – 1 May 2021

Hayakal al Noor, Bodies of Light is an interactive light-installation artwork by Narjis Mirza inspired by the medieval Islamic philosophy of illumination. Animated Arabic calligraphy, projection, textile, subtle fragrances and voices provoke the seers’ imagination beyond the visible and the apparent. The Arabic calligraphy is composed of the mysterious and isolated letters of the Quran that do not form words; they symbolize mystical and other worldly realities.

The seer is invited to touch, sense, hear and feel the work, such that their body also becomes a vessel for the animated light. The haptic visual experience of Hayakal al Noor is an invitation to wonder, contemplate and return to our spiritual beginnings.

Hayakal Al Noor was exhibited in the holy month of Ramadan (April 2021) at The Leo Kelly Blacktown Arts Center, Australia. HAyakal al Noor, set the appropriate mood: sacred, mystical, spiritual and contemplative, for diverse communities in Blacktown, especially for people who practice Islam.

Hayakal Al Noor is part of a PhD research project by Narjis Mirza at Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. Auckland University of Technology is a sponsoring partner of this event.